Are you ready to turn your financial dreams into reality?

Imagine if you had invested USD$1 in APPLE in 1976…. Today that share would be worth $100M !!

Imagine if you had invested USD$1 in GOOGLE in 1998…. Today that share would be worth USD$10000 !!

One good investment in time, is worth a life time of labour!

Take action today and invest in your future today!

Become a Co-owner/Partner of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW) and get on the pathway to a brighter future of wealth and prosperity!



NEEW is an acronym for New Economic Evolution of the World, it is based on the involvement of each person in the activities of companies whose services they use. A global project for the people, by the people!

Together we are:

  • A Financially literate society
  • People as co-owners of companies
  • Caring for our Planet
  • Innovative technologies for Life
What can we offer:
Multilevel Crowdfund Investing – This is how Google, Apple and Facebook started. With NEEW you will receive your share of the global portfolio profits.
  • Financial Education with ‘Academy of the Private Investor’ Inc.
  • Anyone can enrol and start earning immediately – paid instantly
  • Unlimited earning potential, no limit to levels
  • Enormous global market potential.
  • Our community has more than 750,000 people from 176 countries around the world



The best online project for investment education and training of private investors – the Academy of a Private Investor.

Started in 2011, it is the most effective system of training for private investors. Trainers of the Academy of a Private Investor have up to 20 years of experience in private investing, they share only practical experience.

The goal of the project is to give a full understanding of the science of investing. At the academy you will learn how to create a major revenue of more than $ 1 million in 5-10 years with an income from $ 100 to $ 1,000 per month.

As a bonus, with your education package, you will receive CRUnits in our Global Investment Portfolio. This allows you to immediately put into practice your investment knowledge.



On 30.03.2019 we launched the CRYPTOUNIT* Program Project, which provides the opportunity to become a co-owner / shareholder of the NEEW Global Investment Fund.

Participants of the VIP-club:

  • receive discounts on educational-information products of the company
  • receive a share of the global portfolio profits
  • receive loyalty program bonuses
  • have the opportunity to visit closed Global investment portfolio reporting meetings

N.B. CRYPTOUNITS are NOT Cryptocurrency.

  • They are a diversified Managed Fund Sharer Portfolio.
  • They are a Securitized Token Offering – STO



In between jobs? Or just looking for another income stream?

You also have the opportunity to help us sell our incredible packages and earn great commission bonuses.


Work anywhere in the World!
Choose your own hours!
Make as much money as you want!
Free training in Entrepreneurship, Investments, Finances, Building a business!

Results will depend entirely on you!


Hi there, I’m Karen

Before I became an Investor and Financial Freedom Ambassador for NEEW, I had spent three years working a boring government job, I became extremely ill in 2018 with Toxic Mould poisoning and was unable to work for 18 months. Whilst I was extremely lucky to have Income Protection Insurance payments during my time off, sadly it only equated to approximately 60% of my wage and was barely enough to pay the essential bills.

 As my health began to improve, I realized going back to my old job was not an option. It was never going to make me happy, nor would it ever allow me the opportunities to become financially independent.

I began my NEEW journey by studying the education materials within the Academy of a Private Investor, and realised the true value of this unique company and the potential to earn a serious income. The opportunity to become a Co-Owner in the Global Portfolio through the VIP club has helped me to kickstart my financial portfolio and is now allowing me to grow a wonderful online business as I share this wonderful  experience with others.

As a single mum of 5 kids, I know how difficult things can be. It is especially tough for many in the current COVID crisis, with job losses and reductions in hours and wages. The beauty of being a part of NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) – It provides extremely valuable financial education, gives you the ability to invest and become a partner in a global portfolio of companies, and if you desire, an opportunity to build your own business from home, working your own hours,  all for as little as $1 a day, with NO minimum products to order every month or stock to carry! I don’t know of any other business that offers anything like it!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me via email Karen ( at ) ,   call or text  me on +61 414 582 355 (8a – 8p AEST) so we can set up a ZOOM meeting to get you started. 

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