Small Business Marketing Strategist

Are you a time-poor business owner?   Confused about social media?   Not sure how to harness the power of online marketing?    Want to implement a marketing strategy, but are not where to start?   Need help to clarify your brand messaging?   Are you keen to learn simple strategies that will have you ranking #1 on google?

Don’t worry, you’ve got this! 

I’m here to lend a helping hand.

Get in touch for a complimentary 30 minute consultation and let’s discuss how I can save you time and implement strategies to boost your bottom line.


I’m Karen Knight, YOUR Small Business Marketing Strategist

I understand the time challenges facing small business owners.  You’re busy doing what you do best and struggling to fit everything into your day, simply running your business. There isn’t enough time to think about streamlining business operations or implementing profit building marketing strategies.  

But, if you haven’t optimised your social media presence, developed a public relations campaign to boost your brand, or implemented a marketing plan yet, it’s ok, there is still time…. and I can help get you on track!.


Business Strategy Consultations

  • Business operations overview
  • In-depth site website analysis
  • Brand Strategy session
  • Establish and design implementable strategies based on business goals
  • Marketing blueprint development session

Content Marketing

  • Effective content marketing will ensure your business retains existing followers by adding value, and increases brand awareness among potential customers
  • Content marketing services to get your ranking on page 1 of Google and growing your email lists including: blog posts, videos, press releases, infographics, product reviews, newsletters and more

Email Marketing

  • Personalised email communications that build trust and credibility with your customers
  • Consistent and targeted email campaigns that will increase traffic to your website and generate sales

Social Media Presence

  • Social media profile set up
  • Selecting optimal usernames, developing strategic profile biographies
  • Setting up platform specific profiles that best match your target market

Social Media Planning

  • Audit of your current social media profiles
  • Developing a content strategy to post on your social media accounts
  • Managing and monitoring social media content

Social Media Training

  • Learn how to plan, execute, and manage your own social media
  • Understand content creation and curation
  • Engagement and interaction techniques, and platform best practices.

What some of my clients have said...

“Before I found Karen, I was stuck in finding the right words for my niche and defining my avatar. I needed advise and a sounding board. I enjoyed how professional she was and at the same time very caring. I felt really understood. Karen provided priceless advise with so many good tips that can be used straight away. I gained clarity on how I can position myself in my target market. I understand where I come from and where I need to go to make a difference and bring my business to the next level. I would recommend Karen for anyone who is stuck in positioning themselves in a niche. She will get rid of the fluff and make sure the essence of your business shines through so that you can reach your perfect customer.”
“When I signed up for my session, I had the feeling I was walking in circles. Karen helped me realize what I didn’t want and gave me other insights. I now see new and other opportunities. Karen has the ability to place the person in the center from which everything else starts. She is a coach who is also an associative thinker and knows what is going around in the head of an multi-talented associatieve and visual thinker; I didn’t have to explain what and why I think, this created an open environment.”

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