About Me

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About Me

Professionally, I am a Social Media & Online Marketing Strategist who partners with small business owners & solopreneurs, to help grow their online presence, human-to-human. 

Personally, I am an adventurous backpacker, who loves exploring off the beaten track treasures, trying new foods and immersing myself in different cultures around the world. When I am not writing or creating fabulous content for clients, jumping in front of a camera at the Taj Mahal, or other fabulous destinations (See my travels at Spicy Wanderlust).

I can be found at my local coffee shop, dressed in my favorite Bollywood Salwar, enjoying a long black coffee with cream on the side, or sipping Pink Champagne by the river with my family!

My skills

After spending more than two decades working in small businesses, I know what truly drives conversions and increases sales. It’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them. 

I have worked in strategic business development and marketing at several small businesses, including many years as CEO of HVTR. During this time I grew a new motel from start up into a million dollar business.  

I am obsessed with innovating new marketing ideas & creating amazing content that’s absurdly useful and effective, and am super passionate about marketing. I love working with time poor small business owners who are ready to build their business and grow their profits.

Awards & Press





BCC Cinema of the Year Award

Business of the Year

Hospitality Business of the Year Award

Hospitality Business of the Year Award

My Mission

My mission is to make marketing fun, and easily turn leads into conversations.

Online marketing should not be a hard sell. It is simply understanding who your target market is, and engaging with them on the right social media channels.

1. Clarity

Get clear on who your customer is, where they are likely to be online, and start a conversations.

2. Consistency

Aim for greatness in every project, and whatever you do… do it regularly.

My Services

Need help to get social??

A social media consultant is essentially the eyes, ears and voice of your company online. You need someone who can raise your brand awareness, deliver traffic to your website, and boost your bottom line — all while keeping your company’s reputation top-of-mind.